Child Protection

Child Protection Policies
School inspections increasingly look at the procedures surrounding the issue of pupil transport and emergency travel arrangements.  Broadway Cars are fully accredited providers of taxi and private hire services to West Berkshire Council and to a number of educational institutions as well as numerous other agencies.  We have developed procedures to ensure we comply with their child protection policies.  If your policies do not already include transport arrangements within their scope, we are pleased to offer you the benefit of our experience in reviewing your child protection policies.

This review will include, but will not be limited to, such factors as booking authorisations from staff for your clients travel arrangements.  (Your clients may be students, elderly or vulnerable people for example); We managing distant passenger collections; ensuring last minute adjustments are reported to your duty staff immediately to enable you to be aware of the location of your in transit clients.

The procedures also include ensuring all of our drivers are aware of your own policies and procedures and undertaking training in identifying areas of concern and appropriate reporting action to be taken in the event of a cause for concern becoming apparent.

Chaperoned Children and Staff Services
Because we have to carry vulnerable children and adults on behalf of West Berkshire Council and other agencies we work with approved chaperones who can accompany our licensed drivers.  If you need to arrange chaperoned transport for your clients, we would be pleased to assist you.  This service is also available to your clients’ parents and to agencies that fund placements from local and distant destinations.

Non Emergency Medical Travel
We can assist with non emergency transit to the hospital casualty units in Reading and Basingstoke as well as the Newbury minor injuries unit.  We will wait and usually provide the return fare for free.  We can also arrange to take passengers directly home if they are unfit for further duty.  We can also assist with arranging staff vehicles to be returned to their home from your car park.